Education Customer Service Call Center

When and why would a school ever need the services of an education call center?

Let us show you how a Education Services Call Center can benefit your facility in all aspects of your education process.


How about when you need someone to man the phones after hours, during breaks, at times of high call volume, during registration needs, to dispense emergency information to students, parents and faculty members, to answer attendance calls, and provide answers to calendar questions?


Answering Service for Education

Education Services Call Center

Because you cannot man the phones 24/7/365 and we can. We offer you fully flexible answering service solutions to give you a helping hand. For instance, we can handle all the students or parents calling in to say they are not coming to school that day, take their name and class, and then generate an absentee list.  We can also answer calls from parents wanting to find out about break dates. If there is a school closure due to bad weather, we can send out a blast to all students, parents, and faculty members, letting them know school is closed. Or if there is ever any emergency, we can let everyone know quickly and efficiently that there is a school lock down. No matter what is going on at your campus, you can rest easy knowing that Call Center Plus Education customer service call center will handle your calls promptly and pleasantly.  We will give a welcoming and professional voice to your school.

Is it affordable?

All of our services are done for one low price. We bill on a 4 week billing cycle. You will pay a nominal account maintenance fee, and then just a per-minute service fee. You are only billed for the time used and we bill to the nearest second, not the nearest minute. There are no bundles of minutes to choose from and not contracts to sign.  Use us as much or as little as your needs dictate.  We customize what we do according to what you need, not the other way around. Our messages are sent to you via email, SMS text, or both at the same time. We can also dispatch or patch calls.

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We are a US based company. We have decades of experience. English is our first language. We promise to never outsource our services. Explore our website or contact us today and see how our higher education answering service can benefit your students, teachers, and administrative staff. We know how to make the grade!

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