Dental Practice Answering Service

What’s the next best thing to nitrous oxide for a busy, growing dental practice? A competent, professional, friendly, 24/7/365 call center like Call Center Plus’s Dental Practice Answering Service, to be exact.

Why does a dentist need a call center?

Call Center Plus dental answering service is here whenever you need new and existing patient call management. You just forward your existing office lines any time you cannot take calls for any reason and we will do the rest. We answer your incoming calls using your answer phrase to keep the continuity between your office and your patients. Whatever they need, we are here 24/7 to make sure they get taken care of. When patients need to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments during all hours of the day or night, we can take those calls and schedule or cancel those appointments in your web-based calendar. We can even call your patients to remind them of their upcoming appointments. Emergencies do not conveniently happen during office hours. They happen on weekends, holidays and even in the middle of the night. These are times you typically are not available, but we are. We can answer those calls and either contact you or contact the on-call doctor who may be handling your calls.

Never miss a call!

Dental Practice Answering Service

Answering Services for Dentists

We can answer your phones 24/7. Our operators work in your behalf and we become an important extension of your staff. Your clients will never have to listen to a phone just ring and ring. They will never get voice mail and secretly wonder if the call will be returned. In a busy clinic we will take the overflow calls and in a single doctor practice we can be your receptionist, leaving you free to work on your patients without being distracted by unanswered ringing phones.
We realize that when patients call they are often in pain or discomfort. Let’s not add insult to injury by having them greeted by a voice mail message. Call Center Plus dental practice answering service operators will be the human voice on the other end, giving that human “touch” that someone in pain needs. We are a US based company. We do not outsource our services and English is our first language.

Save money.

Let’s say a potential patient in lots of pain is trying to reach you when all your lines are busy or after you already left the office. If they call and get voicemail instead of a real person, they will go to your competitor. Statistics show people are just not going to leave a voice mail. Do the math! Even losing one patient a month can add up to thousands of lost revenue per year. Call Center Plus can actually help you make money by answering your phones and keeping you in touch with your patients.

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Unlike other call centers, Call Center Plus dental practice answering services only charges you for the services you use. We bill a nominal account maintenance fee each month and then you are only billed for the time our agents are actually taking your calls and delivering your messages. Also, we do not round up to the nearest minute, we round to the nearest second. There are no contracts locking you into any set number of minutes or length of time to use our services. Now that is something you can sink your teeth into!

Other Services offered?

When you use Call Center Plus dental practice answering service, you get 100% of our services 100% of the time. We customize your account to your exact needs instead of the other way around. As mentioned earlier, we can schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments. We can call patients to confirm appointments. We can gather new patient info for you. We can get in contact with you after hours if you have an emergency. Or we can simply just take a message for every call we answer. Whatever your needs, we can comply. We are HIPAA compliant so no need to worry there!

No matter the size of your practice, large or small, you need a qualified answering service to help your business thrive. Download our brochure and service request form. Give us a call for any question you have. Call Center Plus Dental Answering Service will brighten your smile!

Mention Dental Practice Answering Service or Dentist’s Call Center to receive a $35 credit towards your setup fees!

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