Police Services Hotline

To protect and to serve. That is your motto.

Let us show you how a Police Services Hotline can benefit you and your community. You put your all into making people in your community feel secure and safe. One way to do that is to get people involved in watching out for each other. There are probably many times people want to reach out to you but are afraid of giving away their identity in fear of retaliation.

Answering Service for Police Services

Hotline for Police Services

How can you raise the level of trust and feeling of safety in your community? Provide an outside police services hotline or a ‘tip-a-cop’ line. Call Center Plus Police Services Hotline is the perfect answer to enhance your services.
How does it work? We give you a proprietary number to forward a hotline phone line to. When someone wants to report possible domestic violence, a neighbor’s non-stop yapping dog, suspicious activity by people not of the neighborhood, noise ordinance violations, erratic driving, etc., they will call that number and one of our professional operators will answer the call in the answer phrase of your choice. The caller will then be able to provide a description of the location and problem. The caller’s identity will be completely anonymous because we gather no name or phone number. The message is then sent by email, SMS text message, or dispatched to an officer. Your department will have the information you need and the caller has the anonymity they feel they need.

What is the cost of using a Police Services Hotline?

Peace of mind is priceless but we know all government agencies must run on a tight budget. Call Center Plus makes it affordable to implement this service. We bill on a 4 week billing cycle. You will be charged a nominal account maintenance fee during each billing cycle, and then you are charged only for the exact minutes used. We bill in real time, rounding to the nearest second, not minute. You have no bundled minute packages to commit to and no contract for length of service.

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We are here 24/7/365 to answer your hot line. We are a US based company and English is our first language. We do not outsource our services and everything, from setting up your account, answering your calls, to delivering your messages, is all done right here.

Call Center Plus Police Services Hotline enables you to do what you do best for those you serve. If you feel you may 10-78, we answer the call. That’s a big 10-4.

Call Center Plus … your complete customer care service!

Mention Police Services Hotline or Hotline for Police Services to receive a free one hour setup.

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