Fuel Oil Delivery Answering Services

When the temperatures are cold your business is hot!

When your clients and potential clients call you in a crisis, they expect to speak to you and have you help them. But there are times when you simply cannot answer the phone. You may think that having them leave a voice mail is fine, but that only lands you in hot water when so many people refuse to leave a message and move on to another supplier. Don’t let your business be out in the cold. Call Center Plus Fuel Oil Delivery Answering Services will keep your clients feeling warmly towards you.

We will be the human touch you want for your business.

Answering Service for Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery Answering Service

Even with all the automated phone technology we have at our fingertips, people would much rather hear a human voice. They do not want to leave a voice message and they don’t want to push option 2, then option 1, then option 3 to finally get the help they need.

Call Center Plus Fuel Oil Delivery answering services is a 24/7/365 solution to your availability problem. We are here to answer your phones, take messages, relay emergency calls, collect payments, schedule deliveries, and even make reminder calls to alert your clients of upcoming deliveries or past due invoices. We will also screen the telemarketers and make sure you do not get their calls. We will deliver your messages by email, SMS text, or both. If and when needed, we will dispatch calls to your on call drivers or patch calls straight to you. We record all calls so if there is ever a question about a particular call, we can pull the recording for you to verify what was said or promised.

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Our pricing is simple to understand.

We bill on a 4 week billing cycle. You will be charged a nominal account maintenance fee, which includes some free operator minutes. Then you are just billed a per-minute charge for our services. We do not sell “minute bundles” for you to purchase, we only bill you for the time actually used. We bill in real time, which means we do not round to the nearest minute, but to the nearest second. That is a savings, right off the bat. We also do not lock you into a contract to use our services for any length of time. Of course we hope to be with you for a long time, but we also know that business changes and you need the freedom to change with it.

We are a decades old company, based in the US. Our answering equipment is state of the art. Whatever your needs are, we are here to fulfill them. Our operators are friendly, professional, and experienced to give your company the best services possible. We do not, nor will we ever, outsource our services.

What revenue will you lose if one client goes to a competitor? It is more than just that one delivery from one missed call. We capture all your calls which helps to keep your customers loyal to you. Look around our website. Give us a call and let us answer your questions. What are you waiting for?

Call Center Plus … your complete customer service center.

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